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So my survey doesn’t close until tomorrow but in the manner of a new mother checking on her sleeping child (why do we all do that? –Where do we think they will have gone?  We are so desperate for them to sleep and the second they do we have to check they are still breathing and disturb the poor things!) I have had to keep taking little peeks to ensure my survey baby is still there and well.

Now I have promised myself that I won’t start drawing conclusions from the data until it’s all in, but obviously I am doing just that and shock horror it doesn’t really say what I want it to.  Now logically I am completely aware that the whole point of having a fab idea and garnering feedback is that you can test whether your idea really is so fab.  The problem is to go this far I clearly think my idea is great and if I’m really honest the point of the survey was for everyone else to agree…..

…now don’t get me wrong, the early data is by no means damming, it just isn’t quite as positive as I would like.  Everyone has been very supportive (in fact they have been more supportive than I even dared hope as my target was to get 50 responses and so far I have over 135), but they have also (thankfully) been very honest.  What that means therefore (not that I keep looking!) is that in all likelihood my master plan as I conceived it may not be a goer.  ‘Well done me’ for finding this out early on without huge expenditure but ‘damn me’ for ever running a survey in the first place – without one I could still be blissfully planning my new business venture!!

Hey ho, as I said I haven’t looked at the results properly yet so maybe on closer examination they will look a bit better (note to self – do not read responses such as “no I do not think that would work” and think to yourself, ah what she probably meant to say there was “oh that is by far and away the best idea I have ever heard”!) so the idea isn’t dead in the water yet. 

On the plus side all this networking may well have led me to a whole new opportunity so watch this space………