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So, I am sure you have all been waiting with baited breath, but I am deeply saddened to announce that my first cunning idea has officially died a death. 

The survey into the viability of posh baby hampers / baby gift subscriptions came back (154 responses so at least I exceeded my target!) and whilst everyone was considered, kind and very informative they simply did not support this idea working out.  The reasons for this were two fold, firstly many people just felt that the service lacked the personal touch which people feel is so important for a baby gift, and secondly (and probably more importantly with my business head on) the numbers simply didn’t work. 

Most people said they would aim to spend between £30 and £50 on a gift for a close friend who had just had a baby and that the maximum they would spend on a gift subscription would be £100.  Even if you take this figure over 2 or 3 gifts, by the time you have incorporated the costs of wrapping (something people did seem to value) and delivery you aren’t left with much product.  Interestingly there is a brand about to launch offering something at this price point.  Their solution has been to fill a hamper with lower value items such as baby food pouches and tea bags for the Mum.  It’s a nice idea but not what I was aiming for (if you want to know more google Nonabox)

On my journey I did come across a couple of lovely sites which offer top quality gift hampers (http://www.mummyandmehampers.co.uk/ and http://babeswithbabies.com/) so if you need something in this space I would definitely recommend a visit. 

Alas this does not seem to the opportunity for me right now.  I still have some more research to do to understand if there is still a place for this somewhere in the corporate gifting market but for now I am putting this one to bed. 

It’s a funny feeling, I am a bit sad and I have had the inevitable little crisis of self-doubt where I feel I am a month in and back to square one, but all in all I am pleased with myself.  I had an idea, I pursued it and I found out (without a huge outpouring of cash) that it just wasn’t right for me.  Job done, lessons learnt and onwards and upwards.  I spend a lot of time explaining to my 2.5 year old that he can’t always win, that I am proud of him just for doing his best and trying hard and I figure that it might be time to practice a little of what I preach!

Thanks again for your support all and I will be in touch with idea number 2 which is currently in development!