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Last week I attended an event for entrepreneurs.  They had 3 people speak, one who has ‘made it’, sold out and walked away with millions, one who has built a great company which fits around her lifestyle and is now loving the everyday running of it and one who is just starting out (his company are called Saviour Snacks and are well worth a look by the way).  It was fascinating, inspiring and actually just very reassuring to find out that everyone feels very similar things in these early days.  The picture below is my version / rip off (apologies to Mr Saviour Snacks!) of my emotional range in a day.  I think today is the perfect illustration of that.

I am busily working away, continuing to build my social media presence whilst furiously searching for opportunities and products I can import to the UK (and make my millions from!) when the doorbell rings.  Frankly any interruption is a good one when you have spent 2 hours plugging away making connections on twitter so I run to answer it and low and behold it is the courier with my soft toys.  Hooray! 

Firstly this is a huge relief as despite filling in HMRCs forms, getting their codes and jumping through all of their other hoops I was less than convinced that this was actually going to clear customs without me personally presenting myself for a full cavity search at Dover!  But no, it has cleared and has (marvel of all marvels) made it to my front door.  I am literally like a kid at Christmas, I tear open the wrapping and am hopping up and down trying to get to the toys inside (note my actual children are clearly allowed nowhere near these toys and have had to be brought off with the couriers box instead!). 

I pull out the first product, a huge wall hanging map of the world which I have been quite excited about becoming key to my product range (bear in mind we are still on a huge high here) and low and behold I find the hooks to hang it with are all sewn in to the bottom of the map!  Low, low, low.  If I can’t rely on the standards of the products then how on earth will I ever sell them!?  Still I go through the rest of the box and overall I am pretty pleased with the results.  The toys are really nice.  They are beautifully made, the attention to detail (with the exception of the map!) is fantastic and (if I ever allow them near them) I am pretty sure my kids will love them.

So I have some product, now all I need  is to get people to buy it, just the thought is enough to bring on the next low (it’s a bit like climbing a mountain and taking a break at what you wanted to believe was the halfway mark – or at least a good way up – only to discover you haven’t made it out of the foothills!).  Still, onwards and upwards, I am sure I will find at least another couple of highs before the end of the day (with a few lows as well no doubt).  The corporate world is definitely a tamer ride, but then again no one ever looked back on their life and said ‘wow I am so glad I spent those years sitting behind my desk not trying anything new’ so, for now at least, it looks like I am staying on the roller-Imagecoaster!