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So while my days have been spent getting to grips with the finer points of crowd sourcing and webdesign my evenings have been put to much better (and fun!) use.  I know I mentioned another potential opportunity (sorry to be so secret squirrel but until I have figured out the potential for UK exclusivity I am keeping this one a bit quiet), well it transpires that this is my opportunity to start using that ‘network’ I was so quick to dismiss before.

So, long suffering husband (LSH), has been put to the job of babysitting while I go out and ‘work’.  Now I am not going to deny that to some this may look like frequenting nice cocktail bars with great friends, but bizarrely while I have been busy climbing the corporate consulting ladder some of my very good friends have secretly been becoming rather important in their chosen fields.  So within a week I have managed to gain insight from a top digital media and brand recognition expert (whoever knew there was so much to consider when you build a brand – well apparently he did – thank God he is keen to advise along the way!), advice from one of the UK PR Directors of a large US Media and Production company, advice from one of the UK Heads of Marketing for a Global Beauty company, Communications input from one of the 2012 Olympics Comms team and advice from a Social Media Guru.  Now these are close friends and people I guess I always knew I could rely on, the really great bit is the way they have all opened up their friendship groups (OK, OK – I know – I can practically hear my husband gloating over always having been right about the strength of my network) and have lined me up for (more drinks – hooray – work is looking better by the second!) more conversations including meetings with the buyers from two of the UK’s top high street retail names as well as a selection of people who have launched household name brands in the UK.

So – I would like to stand officially corrected.  Networks are amazing things and it turns out it doesn’t have to be all false and forced but actually it can involve wine, cocktails and meeting lovely new people and your best mates.  I am officially a convert and will be preaching to all who will listen (starting with my lovely captive blog audience). 

Anyway, enough from me for now.  LSH has made it clear he might like to actually spend an evening with me where I am not working / networking and given I will be out most of next week now I guess I had better keep my number one babysitter happy.