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A very good morning all, I am feeling very positive this morning although as per my previous post (https://entrepreneurmum.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/the-everyday-emotional-roller-coaster-of-going-it-alone/) it is the usual rollercoaster (and it’s not even midday yet!).

So pluses for the morning. 

1)      My soft toys have been through the toddler test and both held their interest (not easy when there are always Peppa Pigs to be watched!) but more importantly survived (if ever you needed a product stress testing, just give it to my 2 year old – he is a walking destroyer).  I have posted a couple of pics of one of my favourites which is a customisable wall hanging which I currently have above my sons bed (he has the circus one but I will carry a range including dinosaurs, safari, the farm and Noah’s Ark).  As an adult the detailing is gorgeous (the little clowns are a particular favourite with their balloons) and it really does feel like a piece of art in his room, as a toddler it is a fantastic way to use his imagination and to tell complex stories before bed time (I still haven’t quite got to grips with why the animal cages were being used to ship the naughty clown off but who am I to argue?!).

2)      My other opportunity is gaining traction (I promise I will stop being secret squirrel very soon) and I may even have found a third opportunity so the empire is growing apace!  I recognise the key here is to have a balanced portfolio but not to spread myself too thin as the key is going to be getting these up and running and (for the sake of Long Suffering Husband (LSH)) actually becoming a way to earn money as opposed to just keep spending it!

3)      I have had quite an exciting and informative little journey through the world of logo design (the subject of tomorrows blog) and I may even be close to having a proper trading logo for my soft toys

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1)      My toddler is not in nursery due to being ‘too ick mummy’ so I am writing this whilst listening to relentless Peppa Bloody Pig.  Another fascinating subject for discussion another time is how a little boy who barely knows he is part of the male race as yet can perfect man flu so perfectly – it is clearly a gift given at birth.  Anyway, this means that my working day is somewhat compromised due to the constant need to ferry things into the other room for a very small dictator!

2)      I tried to run this morning and a combination of the biting cold and the ongoing effects of a very boozy weekend wedding at the weekend meant it wouldn’t even have classified as a brisk walk

Anyway, given the stresses my mini man flu is likely to put on this working day I suspect now might be the time to re-focus myself on actually doing some work.  See you all tomorrow for a worldwind tale of logo design (and hopefully if my man in Eastern Europe has actually delivered) a first view of what my Cheeky Elephant logo will look like.