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So this weekend LSH (Long Suffering Husband) was roped into becoming my professional photographer.  Now I know the key is in the title and given LSH is actually a finance man he might not be the best choice to capture my soft toys in all of their glory, but in the spirit of keeping costs as low as possible we figured it was worth a shot.  To set the scene my husband is a pretty good amateur photographer armed with a lot of expensive kit (where other men have alcohol and gambling habits, he has a lens habit and spends a lot of money on secretly purchasing extra kit that I always argue we don’t really need!).  To add to this I spent £89 on amazon and purchased him some professional looking lighting and some backdrops so we were all set to go. 

We put the kids down for their lunchtime nap and he was like a kid at Christmas unwrapping all of his new camera goodies.  The first problem came with the backdrops which despite me spending 30 minutes ironing I simply couldn’t get crease free, I am yet to find a solution to this so anyone out there who has one, please feel free to share.  Having given up and reverted to a plain white sheet we set off.  Using Not On The High Street’s arty shots as our inspiration we set out to capture my products in all of their glory!  When my daughter awoke I dressed her up in her Christmas present tutu (luckily she is too young to either notice or care that it was taken off her to be re-wrapped up for the big day!) and got her involved.  I must say she was very good and only drooled on a few things and managed to keep her patience for all of 10 minutes (not bad going when you are 13 months old).  When my son awoke we moved our little studio to his bedroom and took a load more up there. 

All in all it was quite a fun afternoon, though with 1039 photos to sort through it could be a while before I can tell you if the end result is any good.  The lessons I learned are

1) Photographing products is a real art – trying to make them jump out at you and look gorgeous isn’t anywhere near as easy as you would think

2) Add 2 under the age of 3 into the mix (especially when you would quite like your toys to remain looking nice for future photos) is downright stressful

3) Amazon photo equipment is pretty good value – the lighting was amazing (it was a bit like being on an airport runway) and aside from how bright they were they produced enough heat for my husband and I to shed 3 jumpers each!

I have included a couple of shots for you as a taster and I am off now to sort the full 1039!  I suspect a professional photographer would have been… well more professional………..but for two amateurs and two toddlers I think we did pretty well!Image

My little girl with the pieces from our ‘ABC wall hanging’



My little boy with our ‘ABC wall hanging’




Counting with our  ‘123 soft book’




Telling a story with our ‘Interactive Art – The Circus’



Doing sums with our ‘Cupcakes and Candles Maths’ wall hanging



A trip to the bakers with our ‘On-the-go Bakery Shop’