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So all is going very well in the world of cheeky elephant.  The website is basically complete (it really was as easy as it sounded and I am very pleased with it) and will be switched on just before launch.  The first proper volume order has been placed and is being created as we speak.  So my current challenge is how I reduce my shipping costs. 

The problem I have is that in the world of shipping (where people talk about containers the size of most London flats) my relatively ‘little’ order of about 8 large boxes doesn’t really cut it for a volume discount.  However in the world of standard postal / courier services my order is pretty huge and therefore pretty expensive.  My job today is to estimate the exact size of the order (again a challenge as the pieces are all individually made so nothing is quite standard) and finalise a quote so that I can get the goods over here ASAP (so we can actually launch!) without eroding all possible margin in the process!   I foresee a long and pretty dull day ahead!

The only other news is that Dorothy and Theodore (my lovely on-line stockists) have taken a selection of the pieces to include in a professional photo shoot they are doing in January.  This shoot is for their new website and for a mail drop they are doing next year.  This will mean a heap of extra publicity for us so is something I am pretty thrilled about.

This is my last week before the Christmas break (well until I lose my day care!).   I am rapidly finding that a break is just not part of a start-up world.  I already spend nearly every evening and any downtime from the kids in the days working and I suspect this will continue over Christmas but I am determined for the sake of the kids (and me) that I take some kind of time off so fingers crossed for a few days of peace.  I will blog again tomorrow and then give us all a rest until the New year!