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So I have had my first ‘mumtrepreneur holiday’.  Like many others I downed tools for 2 weeks over Christmas and spent my time hanging out with the kids, visiting aquariums and seeing the Gruffalo at the theatre.  My husband was off too so it felt like a proper holiday but at the same time it was very odd as for me the lines between work and personal life are now so blurry.  On 4 occasions I found myself opening up the PC when my husband was cooking or the kids were playing (with their 1000s of new Christmas presents!) and making some tweaks to the website.  I had a call regarding distribution agreements for a new opportunity I am perusing and obviously my obsession with the world of twitter and how many followers I have (NOW 1115!!!) never goes away.

 A slight aside on the subject of twitter – who knew how much work it is?  To gain a decent following I reckon you need to invest an average of 15 to 30 mins a day in following people, tweeting things of interest and reading and re-tweeting.  When you have 2 kids and the second you get your i-phone out they want to steal it to play Peppa Pig this is no mean feat.  My ‘Long Suffering Husband’ has (rightly) made a set of ‘New Year Resolution Rules’ around the time I spend in our evenings sat on the sofa tweeting (i.e. I need to do a lot less) so this is now an activity that I pursue like some kind of criminal praying I won’t be caught!  The problem is that I know that social media is one of my key sales and marketing tools so this is something I have to keep working at.  It looks like one of my key New Year’s Resolutions will have to be ‘to be a more effective twitter user’!  I have set myself a new goal of reaching 2000 followers by April so I might have my work cut out.

Anyway, back to my post.  Overall I think I was pretty good at ‘taking my holiday’  I was aided by 5 days in a cottage in Dorset that had no mobile signal whatsoever (a blessing and a curse in this modern age).  In summary: on the negative side when you work for yourself a true and complete switch off is near impossible (in my experience) but on the plus side that ‘back to work feeling’ was nowhere near as horrible as it used to be in the corporate world.

2014 – I welcome you.  This will be the year that I start to run (in earnest) what I know will be a successful business of some kind.  I look forward to blogging again this time next year with my grand expansion planes for 2015!