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So it is with great excitement that I can finally launch my second business venture.  As you know, when I started on this journey I was looking to build a mini portfolio of businesses.  Cheeky Elephant (www.cheekyelephant.co.uk) was my first born but here is my much loved number two!  Introducing Yumbox.

Back in November 2013, during one of my ‘build a social media presence’ sessions (i.e. going through twitter and liking people who are working /blogging / purchasing in industries that I would like to become involved in!) I happened to see a picture in my twitter feed which caught my eye.

The photo was the one below, and my reaction was “I want one of those”.  This wasn’t the first time this had happened.  When you are a Mum who loves to shop the internet is a dangerously tempting place.  After a quick reminder to myself that I “must stop spending money until I earn some” and “I’m not to waste time playing when I should be working” I delved off to their website for a look.

My first thought was “wow – I love these”, my second thought was “damn you can only buy them in the States and Australia” and my third thought was “YES – this is a great opportunity”!

So there you have it – my serendipitous journey to Yum Box!  For those of you who have never come across a Yumbox before, in summary, it is a super stylish, bento lunchbox for kids with a strong emphasis on educating kids (and parents!) on nutritional balance and portion control.  There are lots of pictures and more info on our facebook page (see link below).

Since then I have been trialling their products, working to agree UK exclusivity, signing distributor agreements, and to setting up a company structure for importing (plenty of blogs to come on all of the above!) but we are finally here. 

So please do go along to our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yumbox-UK/197954240408900 ) and have a look at the products and I will use my next few blogs to bring you up to speed on my journey to get here.  Now I am off to work on the creation of our website…..