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So now both cheeky elephant and YumboxUK’s websites are up and running, I am turning my focus to promotion.

With a background in corporate communications and stakeholder management I feel a little more in my comfort zone in this space, though I am rapidly finding out there is much still to learn.

Today I am going to take you through my experience in the world of bloggers and product reviews.

So since entering this world of social media I have been completely astounded by the sheer volume of bloggers there are out there.  I was really struggling to know where to even start when I found 2 very useful tools to help.  One is called ‘Bloglovin’ (https://www.bloglovin.com/feed) and it enables you to log into one single page (plus there is an ap for your phone) and create a feed of all of the blogs you want to follow.  This is brilliant as the bloggers I am interested in are publishing in loads of different places and I was struggling to keep up with them.  Now I just get a daily email summarising all of the new posts and I can read them all on one page and simply add anyone new I come across. 

The second tool (well website really) has been the Tots100 blog index (http://www.tots100.co.uk/).  This is obviously relevant for me as I am looking at kids products and therefore kids bloggers, however, there seem to be a number of these for different types of blogs (i.e. there is a Foodies 100).  This site rates blogs based on audience size, engagement etc and ranks them so that if you are looking to follow a premier blog in your field you know who to look at.

The expectation for blog reviewers seems to be that in return for their services they receive a free sample of your product (I am still a bit torn on this as it does feel a little bit like paying people to say nice things about you – but I have learned the hard way (by receiving some rather terse emails) that no one will do this for free so I guess if you can’t beat them join them!). 

Some of top bloggers have audiences of thousands and are genuine influencers on the market.  Their blogs are interesting and when you have read a few you start to see them almost as a trusted friend and their advice is something worth having.  All of their reviews are very balanced and you can see they have taken their time doing them and have presented a really fair summary of the product.  I have spoken with quite a few now from the chancers “I have only every reviewed selotape before but I would love one of your freebies and I will say I used it” – no thanks!  To the very honest “I love the look of yumbox and am happy to help you promote it but I don’t feel it is fair for me to review it via the blog as it doesn’t quite fit with my audience” – a very lovely man with some GORGEOUS looking recipes – check out recipeshed.

It is slow progress but I have a great line up so far and I would rather take my time and make sure that the products I am giving away for free are going to people who I believe will do them justice.

Right – best get back to my ‘blog reviewer’ reviewing then!