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So my bright idea this morning was to spend 20 minutes  creating a facebook competition for Yumbox.  In my head I was sure this would be a case of writing a few words and picking a photo and I would be away and ready to get on with the rest of the days jobs!

Oh how foolish!!  Here I am 5 hours later having not moved once and I have only just managed it!

Suffice to say it is far from easy.  Luckily help (google!) was at hand and I found a blog from someone (Spiderworking) giving me the low down on facebook comps and what you need to do to set one up.   Apparently facebook has lots of rules around this and will take your whole page down if you are seen to be breaking them i.e. not having the right disclaimers etc.  2 posts in this blog are worth a read and I have copied them below for you.

I ended up using a company called Short Stack (http://www.shortstackapp.com/) who do all of the hard coding work for you and allow you to work with templates.  The problem is that the process is still very fiddly and it took me 5 attempts to get it right (well I assume it is right as I have had 4 people enter!).  I won’t bore you with any more as frankly I am liable to rant for hours and I really should go and get lunch and do some other work. 

Suffice to say don’t think creating a competition will be easy.  Read everything Spiderworking (my clever blogger) has to say and put aside several hours!

On a positive front, a friends contacted me last night to say her friend was having a  nightmare registering domain names and I was able to say that I had written a blog about it that would hopefully help!  Its nice to think these blogs are about more than me letting off steam and that they might actually help other people like guys like Spiderworking have helped me

Not much else to say other than please enter our competition (if only in sympathy for my blood, sweat and tears over it!) and please tell your friends about it.

To enter our facebook competition follow this link – https://a.pgtb.me/Bk4xDv


To find out more about facebook competitions and creating them – https://a.pgtb.me/Bk4xDv