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So today I decided to put my money where my mouth is.  You may remember a while back I was having a bit of a moan (in relation to Yumbox) about how blog reviewers all want freebies in return for writing reviews in their blogs?  I personally find this quite difficult as it feels to me almost like paying to have nice things said about you and your product. Anyway, it occurred to me that I can hardly expect others to do it for free when I’m not willing to invest the time myself.  To that end today I offered my services to write a parent review of my ‘top baby product’ for free (i.e. with no expectation of any freebies in return).

I am new to this reviewing business but I figure I am a parent of 2 under 3s (one of which is pretty much still a baby), I am a huge consumer of baby products and I write blogs so I pretty much have all of the qualifications!  Based on that I will be crafting my masterpieces this afternoon and I promise to share it here as well as the site I am writing it for.

Now I must confess (as is pretty much always the case in the world of business!) this is not entirely altruistic.  I recently read an article (sorry – I have mislaid the link which is a shame as it was a good one), on likening social media to going to a party.  In a party scenario, if you’re the person who walks into the room, does nothing but promote and talk about yourself and offers nothing useful or interesting by way of conversation then no one is likely to talk to you for long.  The lesson was, be interesting, be engaging, talk about things you are genuinely knowledgeable about and acknowledge when other people have interesting things to say and you are far likelier to be surrounded by people. 

Based on this, my theory is that if I want people to listen to me and buy from me I need to become a trusted source of information in my world (in this case the world of consumer parents) as people are far more likely to buy from someone they trust (albeit in an on-line sense).  So here we go, my career as a Mummy product blogger commences……….