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Hi – today’s post will be very short as I must confess I don’t have much to report. 

I have been focusing largely on growing my social media presence as a route to promoting YumboxUk and cheekyelephant.

I have done this by reaching out to other bloggers who have markets I would like to target (to sell my products) and offering to write guest posts for them as onemummyandherdoublebuggy.com.  So far it has been very successful and my twitter following for @mum_business, @yumboxuk and @acheekyelephant have all grown.  Additionally I have set up a facebook site for One Mummy and her Double Buggy (www.facebook.com/onemummyandherdoublebuggy) which now has 50 followers who have pretty much all in turn followed YumboxUK so again this has been a success. 

Finally I have started using the facebook Mums networking groups and pages to promote One Mummy and her Double Buggy (when I have products I will use them directly for Yumbox and cheeky elephant as well) and that has been hugely successful with it driving 860 views of onemummyandherdoublebuggy.com within a 4 hour period!

So there you have it – my little social media frenzy!  It’s certainly keeping me busy for now!