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Photo taken from Yumbox review by http://www.eatsamazaing.co.u

So I finally have a stock of Yumboxs (well 60) anyway.  Their arrival has caused me much excitement (if a little inconvenience – as I have still not sorted my storage unit so they are currently a feature of our hallway!).  Obviously whilst I intend to give most of these away for free they were not free to me.   With the price of the product plus shipping, duties and VAT hey are my first substantial financial outlay and I want each one of them to work for me and earn their investment, hence the big question now…………. who do I give them to?! 

I have blogged before on the world of ‘blog reviews’ and after much deliberation I have selected my 15 top bloggers who I have decided to work.  The first of these is now complete and I have to say I am very impressed.  It is well written, very complimentary (and yet not too gushing) and generally a review that would make me buy the product so it would seem that my first choice was a good one.  Fingers crossed for the next 14 (they will happen over the next 3 months!) To check out this review – head to http://eatsamazing.co.uk/lunches/yumbox-bento-box-review

I have also started a couple of give-aways, one of my own on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/yumboxuk/app_599788450050788) and one with a top blogger and ex ‘Great British Bake-off’ contestant Holly Bell (http://www.recipesfromanormalmum.com/2014/02/19/giveaway-3-yumbox/).  Both of these seem to be driving fairly significant amount of social media traffic so again are having a positive impact.  Based on this I will look for a few more opportunities in this space.

Next up I have started contacting people who work in the kids food industry, be it as advisors to parents of fussy children, recipe gurus, baby weaning experts, children’s cookery classes etc and I have put aside some boxes to send to them.  It is far harder in this case to measure tangible impact as I won’t necessarily see a flow of social media traffic from them, but they seemed a good route to cover so I am just having to put some trust that they will pay off.

Finally I have started to approach publications to request editorial reviews.  I have one signed up and some others in the pipeline so fingers crossed these too will generate interest.

It is a bit of a minefield, I am taking it slow and just testing the water as I go.  I received some advice from a lady who has been down a similar road and her experience was that paying for advertising (albeit in local magazines and online) had yielded her little or no extra sales so for now I am avoiding this route and focusing on making the product sell itself and finding the best homes for my 60 little investments.  I will keep you posted on my experience; success and failures and if anyone out there has any other suggestions of avenues I should try I would love to hear from you.