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So tomorrow LSH and I are taking a break from work.  We have agreed that for 2 weeks we will focus entirely on the kids and the wi-fi will be off.  I have to say I can’t wait but there is a part of me that is terrified that I will get back on-line and my social media following (across twitter, facebook, Instagram, pinterest and google+) that I have worked so hard to create over the past few months will have disappeared!

I have done all I can to pre-empt this, for example I have sent out a number of Yumboxes to reviewers who will be publishing in my absence.  I have a blog post lined up for onemummyandherdoublebuggy.com while I’m away and I have contacted everyone who I would normally deal with and warned them of my quiet period.  My other (slightly sadder!) worry is that I will miss it and be secretively sneaking off to the toilet for a quick twitter fix every 5 minutes!  I can just see LSH losing the plot and sending me off to ‘Twitter Anonymous’ (“my name is Sarah and I have a problem……” etc etc!)

On a positive note, YumboxUK has just done its first ‘giving back’.  Whilst I am not quite at the stage of the Bill Gates Foundation, I do nonetheless believe that you should operate any business following your ethics and as such when I was approached by http://www.startsmartuk.com/  (a national campaign seeking a long-term solution to childhood nutrition) to see if I could support them I was pretty excited.  Smart Start will be hosting a week of activities based around healthy eating commencing on March 17th and as part of that we have donated some Yumboxes as prizes for a healthy eating drawing and colouring competition.  Hopefully it is the start of a great partnership with a really worthy campaign which should be going national over the coming months, I will keep you posted…..

That’s all for now – apologies in advance for my coming silence and if you do see the odd tweet please don’t tell LSH!