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Eat healthy

Hi all – apologies I have been quiet for so long.  I am now back from holiday and just about up to date with my inbox and washing pile!  All is going well on the production front; Yumbox is being manufactured as we speak and cheeky elephant’s products are due to ship next week so I am still very much in the stage of promotion and awareness raising.

My topic for today is a reflection over the last 6 months, looking specifically at the social media tools I have started using and the impact I think they are making.

Starting with Twitter.  6 months ago I had a personal twitter account with 5 followers and I followed a talking cat, a talking horse and a man pretending to be the queen (I definitely recommend him – he’s hilarious!!).  When I started out I set up @mum_business and started following other mums, tweeting about things I do with the kids and generally building a network.  It was through time spent here that I came across both the manufacturers of cheeky elephant and Yumbox so I have to say that for connecting with people and products it has been brilliant.  I now have 3 accounts @mum_business who has just reached 3100 followers and is going strong network building and quietly promoting the other 2 products.  I also have accounts for both of the businesses @YumboxUK who has 2,300 followers and @acheekyelephant who has 1,400 followers.  It is hard to say as yet whether they will generate actual sales but they have certainly helped raise awareness, link me in with influential bloggers and meet potential customers.  I spend between 30 and 45 mins a day on these and gut feel is that they are influential

Next up is facebook.  Due to recent facebook design changes, as a business, your page now falls off of people’s news feed if they don’t interact with it regularly.  This means that it is hard to know how influential facebook really is.  Yumbox has received almost 900 likes.  I haven’t paid for any facebook promotion so this has all come at the price of a competition which we ran to give away 2 free Yumboxes in exchange for likes.  The challenge is that you need to get the page / your competition in front of people in the first place.  I have used a few mums pages to promote it but suspect I won’t see real volume of traffic until I pay to promote.  On the plus side this only takes me 5 minutes a day so not a great expenditure in terms of time.  It is also responsible (according to my website stats) for driving half of the traffic to the website so it does have a place.

Pinterest is my next tool.  Again this is 10 minutes a day and then 30 minutes once a week to ensure that my collections are up to date.  Pinterest is supposed to be very influential in terms of driving web traffic and helping improve SEO.  I don’t have many followers yet (only 350) so I have some work to do to up this.  On the plus side I am starting to see Yumbox re-pinned regularly (a few times a day) so again this seems to have a place in driving awareness of the product.

Instagram is my newest tool.  It is great for reaching an audience who seem to shun the other forms of social media.  Yumbox has 1,200 followers and every picture gets well liked and shared so it would appear to be quite influential in terms of getting you in front of an audience.  On the negative side following people is quite time intensive and probably takes me 30 mins a day.

Last (but not least!) are the blogs which have a far smaller reach but (thanks to you lovely audience) some truly engaged readers.  The challenge with a blog is that it is time intensive to maintain properly and a post can take up to an hour to write and put out there.  Based on that, as the other social media tools take more and more of my time don’t be too offended if I go a bit quiet.  I will still post (as much for me as anything else) but it might just be a bit less frequent from now on or I run the danger of always being in front of a screen (my son already gets my i-phone and asks to do “his jobs” so I need to limit my on-line time for the kids as much as anyone else!)

All in all I have gone from a girl who used facebook every couple of weeks to someone who is on social media 6 / 7 times a day for a total of at least 1.5.  Only time will tell whether this pays back in terms of sales but with cheeky elephant launching in May and Yumboxc in June we won’t have long to find out!