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Yumbox - children's healthy lunchbox

Apologies for the period of silence, in a very quick summary here is where each of the business are at the moment:

1)      Yumbox – we have been increasing our social media presence by the day, concentrating most recently on Instagram as it has a really engaged audience (I have found that you get much more response here than facebook in terms of likes and comments.  This is due to recent facebook changes to how business pages are treated which mean that people don’t see your posts if they haven’t interacted with your page for a while).  We have also hosted a number of giveaways and are very excited to have secured one with Annabel Karmel (a top name in the kids food industry and a full time celeb for most new mums) which is great for our brand in the UK

2)      cheeky elephant – we have managed through a few last minute improvements to the final look of the products and they are now on-board a ship and on their way to the UK (my top fear these days is pirates – who it seems aren’t quite as cute as Disney led me to believe!)

3)      New products – I am currently looking at 2 exciting new product lines which I may add to the portfolio.  I am still at the numbers stage but as soon as we sign something I will let you know

The reason I am blogging today is to share a top tip on creating slick marketing images for your brand.  I must confess that for a few months I had been visiting facebook and twitter sites who all had fantastic imagery and feeling really frustrated that we don’t yet have the cash to invest to get the same effect.  My reaction was – ‘when we start making money I will have to get a designer on board who can replicate some of these for me’ (no doubt this – as with every service you find yourself needing as a start-up – would cost a small fortune!).

Luckily a friend introduced me to a cool, and more importantly FREE, website which enables you to easily do it yourself.  The one I am using is http://www.picmonkey.com/ – and it is incredibly straightforward to use, with templates that you literally just pop your photos in.  There is one for the perfect Facebook page header and lots for creating basic collages with text to send out on twitter (remembering the old adage a picture speaks a thousand words).

I have been very pleased with the results (I have included a few below as examples) and I have definitely found that when I share these images on social media I get a better response than just a straightforward text based message.  Anyway, I know I have a number of start-up follows so I hope you find this helpful and if you come across any other top tips or sites like this, please do share them (via the comment section below) so we can all use them.

Yumbox, healthy children's lunchbox

Stylish Yumbox