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A few weeks back a fellow Mumtrepreneur sent me on some details of an independent production company called Twofour Broadcast ( www.twofour.co.uk ) who have made shows like Educating Yorkshire, Hotel Inspector, Splash and Choccywoccydoodah.

They were after a ‘customer’ of the ‘shipping’ world for a new documentary they are looking to create on international shipping

Personally I hate being filmed, but on the basis that it would be great to advertise my products to wider market I agreed that I would go ahead and give it a whirl.

Both Yumbox (www.yumbox-uk.co.uk) and cheeky elephant (www.cheekyelephant.co.uk) have been sent to me in container ships from the Far East so I now have some experience of what being a customer really feels like and what it means to a business like mine. As a matter of fact, a huge Yumbox order is currently aboard a ship somewhere off the coast of Malaysia making its way over to the UK as we speak!

This morning a TV production crew landed in my house. I was wired up with a microphone and interviewed all about my experiences of setting up a company, how the businesses are going and what shipping has meant in my world.

photo 1

I had been pretty nervous but in the end we had a great 3 hours re-enacting what I get up to on a day to day basis (lots of packing jiffy bags!) and talking about my products (including re-enacting a distribution run to the local post office with a buggy laden with packages to be sent out to customers – this makes for comedy TV I guess, but embarrassingly it is the best way I have found to get lots of parcels there safetly without breaking my arms carrying bags!)

It is early days, as the show still needs to get the go ahead from the network and if this happens there will be lots more filming to come, but I had to share with you as a true example of how random my new world of ‘being a mumtrepreneur’ really is!

Anyway, must go now and break the news to my son that I won’t be appearing with Lightening McQueen in the next (Disney) Cars movie! Suspect this will mean in his eyes fame is a long way off!

Me being very famous!

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