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Over the past couple of months I have been terrible about keeping this blog updated. This is a very bad thing (as I promised myself I would record my journey) and a very good thing (business has been so busy I literally haven’t had the time!)

Today though I felt I had to publish a short post to mark the occasion of my ‘one year’ anniversary. A year ago today I sat down exactly where I am now and I was terrified. I knew I wanted my own business but I hadn’t a clue how to go about getting it or what that would really mean for my family and I.

Today (less than a 100 full time working days and countless evenings, early mornings and kids nap times later) I have 2 businesses up and running (both of which are starting to do very well and both of which have a great few months ahead). I have a pipeline of 3 new opportunities and I am being interviewed next week for the Wandsworth Business Awards as one of their finalists in the social media category.

It hasn’t been plain sailing, I’ve certainly had my down moments and I am 100% sure I work twice as hard now as I ever did in my corporate life. That said I have had an amazing year with my kids (I can hand on heart say I have been the Mum I always wanted to be and I have loved every second of it), I have learned more in the past year than ever before (and that includes corporate life and full time education) and for every low there has been there has also been a high to keep me smiling and remind me why I’m doing this.

The purpose of this post was twofold. 1) When you run your own business you have to take the time every once in a while to pat yourself on the back (there is no one else to do it!) but more importantly 2) To inspire others who might contemplate this route.

Looking back I was so terrified of wasting my time and not getting it right that I almost never started. I have made lots of mistakes but I have learnt from every one and I have found the journey more fulfilling than any other job I have had. It might not be easy but then what that is worth having is?!

PS – I promise to myself that I am going to be better at posting on this blog again very soon!