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So I have spent all of today in website creation mode (the clown from our circus well hanging seemed appropriate for those who know my level of technical ability!).  I am using square space (http://www.squarespace.com) who give you lots of shiny templates into which you just drag and drop your content.  So far so good, it is pretty intuitive and looks fantastic when it’s in there.  If you do have any questions there is a huge support group (who I am sure I will be calling on!). 

I am struggling getting my domain name to point to the site but other than that it is starting to look pretty good.  I literally haven’t’ moved from my desk since I dropped the kids off so I am going to go and grab some lunch.  Sorry for the short post, but it is pretty addictive when you get going!

I now have a facebook page up and running so please do like us on that ‘cheeky elephant toys’ and when (if!) I get the website working you will be the first to know loyal readers!